Home Buying Resources

Buyer’s checklist

Things NOT to do:

  • Don’t change or quit your job.
  • Don’t make any major purchases before closing. (Car, boat, motorcycle, etc.)
  • Don’t deposit large, unexplained funds.
  • Don’t order any improvements to the property before closing.
  • Don’t tell any secrets to the seller or the seller’s agent.
  • Don’t do anything that might jeopardize your credit.

Things TO do:

  • Discuss wants & needs, neighborhoods, house requirements, dates for moving, monthly payments affordable and down payment available with your agent.
  • Pre-qualify with a few lenders
  • Look at the different programs and options lender options. (ARM’s, rate lock options, mortgage insurance programs, etc.)
  • List your present home if the purchase of a new home would be contingent on the sale.

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