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'Working with Attorneys, Estates, Trusts and Conservatorships since 1999 to Realize Fair Market Value on Real Properties'

Jeff Gaddis, Real Estate Broker

Synopsis Biography:

I have been a full time Real Estate Broker since the year 2000. Roughly 8 years ago, I opened my own

company after long tenures at two of the areas larger brokerages. After hundreds of closed

transactions, and consistently aligning my production within the top 10% of Realtors nationwide, I found

my niche was helping Estates, Trusts and Conservatorships with the sale of any Real Property.

As time has passed, I have worked many transactions on behalf of the Seller that require a

special skillset. One set is working with the Attorney(s) and making their job easier by having the

knowledge to arrange for the DC and the Letters of Appointment sent to the title company prior to

commitment, so that we can avoid unnecessary requirements. Another set is working with the title

company and their legal department to review and approve the Special Warranty Deeds that are specific

to the transaction and prepared by the Sellers’ Legal Counsel.

There are many different facets of a real estate transaction when the Seller may not be alive, or

has diminished capacity. I work very hard to represent the best interest of the Estate, Trust, or

Conservatorship and take my fiduciary duty very seriously. My goal is to always achieve fair market

value for the product I am representing.

If you ever come across a family, or court appointed fiduciary, who could use expert Real Estate

knowledge in their corner, please do not hesitate to give out my name and contact information. I work

every price range and neighborhood in Colorado Springs. I promise an honest and ethical approach that

your clients will appreciate, and I offer a full and comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis free of


Very Truly Yours,

Jeff Gaddis Broker/Owner

Gaddis Real Estate Group

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