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Author: Jeff Gaddis

Colorado Springs and Garden of the Gods

The gorgeous sight of The Garden of the Gods is something that people have long associated closely with Colorado Springs.

Making Colorado Springs Home

There is a genuine balance between urban and country life in Colorado Springs.

Life in Colorado Springs

Even in the twilight, the mountains provide a powerful backdrop to life in Colorado Springs. Contact Gaddis Real Estate today to find a Colorado Springs home.

Colorado Springs Beauty

It is the natural beauty and kindness of its people that draws many to live in Colorado Springs.

The Jeff Gaddis Colorado Springs Homes Blog Part Six

There has been a kind of resurgence (if the prefix “re” is even apt here) in olden-days Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak area pics on Facebook lately. To 10930861_10204794473875146_4971963130745474854_nwit, the appended photo. Likely (from the appearance of the “automobile” in the background and the attire of the people in the foreground) this is from the 1920’s. I love this photo because it shows a side of life in Colorado Springs that was likely here from the founding of the city itself: the emphasis on beauty and on the up-close enjoyment of that beauty.

The Jeff Gaddis Colorado Springs Homes Blog Part Five

It is a relief to have gotten the website up and running. Sean Alden Fitzgerald and Local Reach Marketing (see their blog, and Facebook page) are very happy to have things going, and want you to know that we hope it works well for you and that we will address immediately any problems that you may encounter.

A few words about the Colorado Springs area, and why so many people love to call it home. Firstly, the people are welcoming and kind. Secondly, there is profound natural beauty here.






The Jeff Gaddis Colorado Springs Homes Blog Part Four

There is just so much beauty in Colorado Springs. That may go without saying, but it’s worth reminding oneself by seeing this town through outsiders’ eyes.

The blog’s author, Sean Alden Fitzgerald of Local Reach Marketing ( has a treasure trove of many different pictures with much of the same effect.

If I ever have the urge to remember how much of a privilege it is to live in Colorado Springs, I will have to flip through those pins. Alternatively, I’ll go for a walk through Garden of the Gods!

Jeff Gaddis of Gaddis Real Estate (

The Jeff Gaddis Colorado Springs Homes Blog Part Three

Maybe it’s a bit of a cliche, but the hustle and bustle of the everyday blinds us to those things that might, in calmer moments, impress and delight us. In the course of my doing my job, I came across a few pics that, for me, brought exactly that idea to the fore:

Garden of the Gods, Colorado.  Trying to pin more stateside locations, since a European tour is ever so slightly out of my $1.57 budget. :P

In the final analysis, I wonder if maybe I have difficulty leaving a place that tricks us residents into believing, from time to time, that it is a novel and unexplored landscape, as if we’ve both lived here for decades, and have never seen it before.

–Jeff Gaddis of Gaddis Real Estate Group

The Jeff Gaddis Colorado Springs Homes Blog Part Two

174Whether moving from Springfield, Oregon or Springfield, Missouri there is already plenty of stress on you and your family. Let Jeff Gaddis at Gaddis Real Estate Group lift some of the responsibility from your shoulders. He knows Colorado Springs real estate and he knows the ins and outs (and dos and don’ts!) of the home purchase and relocation process. Put his expertise to use.

The Jeff Gaddis Colorado Springs Homes Blog Part One

Welcome to the Gaddis Real Estate Group’s new website! We hope that it will make your search easier!

When it comes to Colorado Springs real estate, you can’t find someone who knows more than a native like myself. I love my hometown, and know that you will love it as well. Please contact me with any questions you might have about homes in Colorado Springs, and put my knowledge and experience to work for you.